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Interested Sea Cadets - FAQs


If you are interested in the Sea Cadets program and have questions, you may find the answer here. Of course, you can always ask for more information by contacting the commanding officer at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . To access the Interested Cadet section just click the title link above.

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1 What is the next step? Jay Dyson 611
2 How long must I commit to the Sea Cadets once I join? Jay Dyson 2323
3 What are the grooming standards? Jay Dyson 887
4 Am I Qualified To Be A Sea Cadet? Jay Dyson 650
5 What Do Sea Cadets Do During Drills? Jay Dyson 1039
6 Will I be obligated to enlist in the Navy? Jay Dyson 494
7 What Are The Benefits of Being A Sea Cadet? Jay Dyson 1917
8 Can my family members also participate? Jay Dyson 848
9 Will I be required to attend Boot Camp? Jay Dyson 766
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