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Forms and Applications



Here you will find all the forms you'll need to complete the enrollment process for membership into the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps or the US Navy League Cadet Corps.


Want to become an Adult Leader? Get the forms and applications needed to enroll in the Adult Leader program.


To assist you in making sure you have everything you need, we've also created a checklist that can be downloaded. Download the Checklist

Naval Sea Cadet Corps and Navy League Cadet Corps Application and Forms

Form Form Name
Click Image to Download
NSCADM001 Cadet Application Request Form
Download Form NSCADM001
NSCADM004 Parental Agreement (Support Questionnaire)
Download Form NSCADM004
NSCADM020 Report of Medical History
Download Form NSCADM020
NSCADM021 Report of Medical Examination Form
Download Form NSCADM021
NOTE: You'll also need to provide a current Immunization Card with state required school vaccinations and have a current Meningitis Shot.


Officer and Midshipmen Application and Forms (Adult Volunteer)

Form Form Name Click Image to Download
NSCADM003 Officer/Instructor/Mishipman Application
Download Form NSCADM003 
NSCADM005 Officer/Volunteer Questionnaire (Make 3 copies to give to references)
Download Form NSCADM005 
NSCADM020 Report of Medical History
Download Form NSCADM020
NSCADM0021 Report of Medical Examination
Download Form NSCADM021
NOTE: The medical exam isn't required but may be included if you have a current physical (Active Duty physical or equivalent exam. Civilian, FAA, DOT or equivalent exam. Copy of Active Duty/Reserve ID card. Former military requires a copy of Form DD-214).


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